AABC Asia 2018のご案内

大阪開催のAABC Asia !

4年ぶりのAABC Asia!2018年10月15日(月)~18日(木)にハイアットリージェンシー大阪にて開催予定です。

大阪開催のAABC Asia !

チュートリアル:10月15日(月) 15:00~17:00

(Preliminary Agenda)
The Rechargeable Battery Market: Value Chain and Main Trends 2018-2028

Christophe Pillot, PhD, Battery Survey Manager, Avicenne Energy, France


Lithium-Ion Battery Materials:10月16日(火)~17日(水)
From Raw Materials to the Latest Advancements in Battery Chemistries

Lithium-Ion Battery Materialsでは業界、政府、学会を代表する材料及び電池技術開発者、専門家が一堂に会し、バッテリー設計に関する課題およびソリューションを議論します。

(Preliminary Agenda)
Session 1: Global Raw Materials Market Demand

The Impact of High and Low Case Demand on Lithium, Cobalt and Graphite Anode Prices

Andy Leyland, Head of Forecasting, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Session 2: Raw Materials Supply – Ttends and Analysis

LiB Material Trend Based on Growing xEV Market

Yoshiaki Tanaka, Senior Analyst, Industrial Technology Unit, Yano Research Institute, Ltd.

Managing the Supply Chain to Sustain the Growth of Chinese EV Market

Yuan Gao, President & CEO, Board Director, Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd., China

Session 3: Advancements in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Towards High Energy Density Lithium Batteries through Novel Electrolyte Components

Martin Winter, PhD, Chair, Applied Material Science for Energy Conversion and Storage, MEET Battery,Research Center, Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Muenster

From Liquid to Solid: High Conductivity Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries

Andreas Hintennach, PhD, Professor, Research HV Battery Systems, Daimler AG

Improvements to Disordered Rock-Salt Li-Excess Cathode Materials

Dee Strand, PhD, CSO, Chemistry, Wildcat Discovery Technologies

Kynar® Fluoropolymers in LiB – Range Extension for Cathode and Separator Coatings

Thomas Fine, Global Market Manager, Technical Polymers, ARKEMA


Batteries for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles:10月17日(水)~18日(木)

今年のAABC Asiaでは車両およびバッテリー関連の技術者とマーケットリサーチの専門家が以下のトピックスに関して様々な議論を行います。

(Preliminary Agenda)
Session 1 (Plenary Session): Market Development ot xEV Baterries

Toyota's Views on Electrification of Major World Vehicle Markets

Michael Lord, Executive Engineer, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing, NA

Key Issues in Promotion of Chinese Plug-In Vehicles and the Differences between Chinese NEVs and Those in the Rest of the World

Mark Lu, PhD, Certified Senior Industrial Analyst, Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Latest Analysis of xEV and LIB Battery Technology and Market Trends

Hideo Takeshita, President and CEO, B3 Corporation

Can Batteries Support Ambitious Vehicle Electrification?

Menahem Anderman, PhD, President, Total Battery Consulting, Inc.

Session 2: Batteries for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Battery Development for the New Camry HV

Takanori Soejima, Assistant Manager, Battery Material Engineering & Research Division, Toyota Motor Corporation

Battery Requirements and Solutions for the Chinese xEV Market

Heinz-Willi Vassen, Director, C/EE Development Electric/Electronics, Audi China

Batteries for the Chinese xEV Market

Keith Kepler, CTO, Farasis Energy, Inc.

Session 3: EV Technology for Specialty Transportation Applications

Honda Mobile Power Pack World Energy Innovation in Mobility and Living for the Sustainable Future

Minoru Noguchi, Manager, International Standardization Planning Department, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Hitachi's R&D Challenges of High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries for Specialty Applications

Takefumi Okumura, PhD, Division Manager, Energy Storage Research Department, Center for Technology Innovation-Materials, Hitachi, Ltd. Research & Development Group

Li-Ion Battery Development for LEV Applications-Market and Technology

Mo-Hua Yang, General Manager, TD HiTech Energy, Inc.; President, EnergyBus e.V.

Battery Market for Light Electric and Specialty Vehicles

Hiroshi Mukainakano, Vice President, B3 Corporation



「As usual, AABC remains the best battery conference in the industry.」
Andy Chu, Applied Materials

「It was a great experience to attend such an informative conference that covers practically all the information as well as issues.」
Massoud Momeni, Toyota

「Excellent. Thanks for organizing this wonderful conference.」
Hideharu Takemoto, Honda R&D







AABC Asia 2018:2018年10月15日(月)~18日(木)

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