SSL(Solid-State Lighting)Device Market 2010 - LEDs and OLEDs,the light sources of the future -

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Chapter1:Prospect of Solid-State Lighting Devices

Battle between major players and underground players of solid-state lighting devices will be 10 years ahead
(Prospect of future marketability of LED and OLED in the lighting field)
Forget about “all-in-one”; OLED must start playing in the market immediately
(Suggestion for OLED market)
White LED for lighting starts fight with time limit to get position in market
Capability of fighting in all directions is ticket to play in future
(Suggestion for LED market - 1)
Virtual verticalization of the strong has priority over verticalization of the weak
(Suggestion for LED market - 2)

Chapter2:Market of White LEDs for Lighting

Growth goes straight up to peak of LCD TV backlight in 2013
(White LED market size)
【Figure: White LED market size】

Some manufacturers double the sales in 2010 from previous year;
Europe and U.S. dominate white LED market share over Japan
(White LED share among Japanese, U.S., and European manufacturers)
【Table: White LED manufacturers' market share(Japanese, U.S., and European manufacturers; 2009 and 2010)】

Chip production capacity (base of market growth) will exceed
10 billion units per month
(GaN chip production capacity based manufacturer share)
【Table: Manufacturers' share by GaN chip production capacity (2009, 2010, 2015)】
【Table: Market breakdown by country and region based on GaN chip production capacity(2009, 2010, 2015)】
【Table: Recent trends in the reinforcement of GaN chip production capacity】

Notable Chinese market including chip production goes ahead;
Ratio of domestically produced chips exceeds 50%
(Trend in Chinese LED market)
【Figure: Change in the Chinese LED market (2001 through 2010 (Projection))】
【Table: Chinese LED market by type (GaN LED, quaternary LED) (2006 through 2009)】
【Figure: Change in ratio of domestically produced chips by type in the Chinese LED market (2006 through 2009)】

Market size for the white LEDs for lighting will exceed 100 billion yen at high growth rate
(Market size for the white LEDs for lighting)
【Table: Global market size for the white LEDs for lighting (2004 through 2010)】
【Figure: Global market size for the white LEDs for lighting ratio to the total white LED market(2004 through 2010)】
【Figure: Changes in year-on-year ratio of the global market size for the white LEDs for lighting and ratio to the total white LED market (2004 through 2010)】

GaN chip production market still has many new participants;
However, there are limited players capable of producing chips without lowering efficiency under high drive current
(Trend in chip technology)

Trend of package with large current and high efficiency chip is
ceramic thin plate + lens mold
(Trend in package technology)

“Market needs are not higher performance but lower price” and other unique efforts made
to replace fluorescent lamps with LED
(Trend in LED products as replacement of fluorescent lamps)
【Table: Unique efforts to take over fluorescent lamps】

Nation-level measures for proliferation of LED lighting in various fields
(Trend in LED proliferation measures in major countries)
【Table: New luminous flux standard for LED light bulbs stipulated in Energy Star (Applied from the end of August 2010)】

Competition in luminous efficiency will be end in the near future
(Forecast of luminous efficiency)
【Figure: Forecast of changes in luminous efficiency】

Unit price of luminous flux becomes 1 yen/lm or less, overtook bulb-type fluorescent lamp and targets price level of fluorescent lamp
(Forecast of unit price of luminous flux)
【Table: Comparison between light sources】
【Figure: Comparison of unit price of luminous flux between light sources】
【Figure: Forecast of changes in unit price of luminous flux】

Market aims at 1 trillion yen; sharp growth will be expected in next 5 years
(Forecast of market size for the white LEDs for lighting)
【Figure: Forecast of world market size for the white LEDs for lighting】
【Table: Forecast of world market size for the white LEDs for lighting (by existing light source type)】

Chapter3:Market of White OLEDs for Lighting

Aiming at taking off from specialty lighting, which draws attention only at exhibitions
【Figure: Market size forecast of OLEDs for lighting (2009 through 2010, 2015, 2020)】

Sample shipment starts in 2009 to 2010, one step forward in market development
【Table: Overview of the major OLED products for lighting】

Players aiming at entering market are 2-3 times larger than existing players
Despite schedule, plan, or aim for OLED business, there is the possibility of future selling of business or withdrawal from market
【Table: Recent trends of companies who enter (or plan or aim to enter) OLED lighting panel business】

OLED lighting is dream device with three big features, high molecule,
application method, and phosphorescence; Meanwhile, market is progressing
with other production method
【Table: OLED luminous materials and trend in commercialization of lighting panels by manufacturing method】
【Table: Trend of luminous efficiency of white OLED (fluorescent material base and phosphorescent material base)】
【Table: Present status and future possibilities of low molecule vapor deposition method and high molecule application method】

3-digit difference in unit price example of luminous flux between white OLED
and existing light sources in 2017
【Figure: Examples of unit luminous flux price of white LED lighting panel (2010, 2012 to 2013, 2017)】

There is possibility of national project-based technology advancement;
project themes are initial technology items mainly in Europe
【Table: Overview of the major four projects related to OLED for lighting in EU 7th FP 】
【Table: Overview of ongoing OLED lighting related project by NEDO】
【Table: Overview of OLED lighting related project in South Korea】

Basic policy of major lighting manufacturers for starting OLED business is
“careful and steady”
【Table: Comparison between initial target and result (prospect) between OLED and LED in
lighting market】

Chapter4:Latest Trends of Major Players

Avago Technologies, Inc.
Various lighting product series released - PLCC package in addition to three power LED models

Leading manufacturer of optoelectronic products and analogue interface components/parts
(Business and sales performances)
【Figure - Sales by quarter】
Mini high-power LED series available in both 1 W and 3 W packages - various projects underway for 3 W packages
(Products for lighting application - 1)
Upgrade and expansion of lighting product lineups
such as the Luxeon footprint compatible model
in addition to the Moonstone series in 0.5 W, 1 W and 3 W packages
(Products for lighting application - 2)
Incoming upgrade and expansion of RGB series
to climb up to be one of top three venders
(Situations of overall LED business)

DOMINANT Semiconductors
Expansion of applied use to LCD backlighting and other lighting, based on experiences and achievements in automotive onboard application
Founded as an LED manufacturer in Melaka (Malaysia)
and a new plant constructed in Laos to maintain continuous competitiveness
(Outline of business)
White LED production reached 80% upon production increase
for TV backlighting application
(Sales and production performances)
【Figure - LED production volume by year】
【Figure - Sales amount by year】

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
Dramatic growth in the lighting business - LED sales amount expected to reach 100 billion yen
Production capacity doubled by adding a new wafer plant in Penang
(Production and sales performances)
【Figure - LED sales by year (years ended September 30, 2004 through 2010)】
【Figure - Breakdown of sales by application】
OSLON package featuring 60,000 hours service life at 120°C junction temperature
(Trend of products)
Combination of new chip technology UX:3 and OSLON package
as the best match of efficiency and service life
(Advantages of product)
Inbound orders exceeding production capacity - China becoming the most heated market in the lighting field
(Situations in the lighting field)

Profitable and feasible pricing responsive to market needs rather than price slashing
Taking steady steps in response to market needs since incorporation in 2008 and shifting gears to business expansion in spring of 2010
(Background of business)
REAL TUBE built with Cree’s LED package arranged in a high-density array,
featuring uniform distribution of brightness without unevenness
(Outline of products)
【Table - Outline of REAL TUBE specifications】
Price leadership strategy in order to vitalize the market
with half the market price - 4,800 yen per piece
(New pricing strategy)
Well-prepared for and oriented to innovate and retain a sustainable business model
(Strengths in business)
【Table - System supporting a sustainable business model】
Substantively tough but telling sales target along with major repricing
(Sales target)
【Table - Sales target, present situations and product scheme in 2010】

Full swing in both chip and package businesses - over 1 billion dollars is certain in the next fiscal term
Growth to over 150% of year-on-year ratio in the year ended June 30, 2010
(Business and sales performances)
【Table - LED sales and Ratio of LED sales to total sales by year(years ended June 30, 2006 through 2010)】
【Figure - LED sales and a ratio of LED sales to total sales by year(years ended June 30, 2006 through 2010)】
【Figure - Breakdown by sales region (countries) (years ended June 30, 2006 through 2009)】
Shorter time-to-market of research & development products
- waiting for the release of prospective 208 lm/W package
(Future business prospects)

KOHA Co., Ltd.
Verticalization starting from the chip business, leading to globalization of optical business
Mid-term plan with a focus on lighting products progressing
- 46% to total sales for the year ending March 31, 2013
(Sales performance and mid-term plan)
【Figure - Breakdown of total sales by product and sales plan by year (from the year ended March 31, 2008 through the year ending March 31, 2013 (plan))】
【Figure - Breakdown of LED-applied product sales and sales plan by year (from the year ended March 31, 2008 through the year ending March 31, 2013 (plan))】
Gallium-oxide-based LEDs ready for commercialization - new growth origin
(LED business with proprietary materials)

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.
Strategy of total LED solutions ranging from devices to power supplies and lighting fixtures
Steady increase of white LEDs for backlighting and other lighting
(Business and sales performances)
【Figure - LED sales by year】
Tripled sales of related products in two years
by implementing a total LED solution strategy
(Future business prospects)
【Figure - Scenario of sales increase of LED-related products】

JFE Advanced Light Corporation/JFE Engineering Corporation
LED lighting business offering energy saving solutions in synergy with fluorescent lamp recycling business
Lighting as essential part of total energy saving solutions
(Background of business)
Business tie-up with Genesis Photonics Inc. (Taiwan) for co-prosperity
rather than supplementary relationship
(Business regime)
Tubes and balls offered as initial products - incoming plan to increase performance and expand business in consideration of customer needs
(Outline of major products)
Flood of inquiries - clear vision from experimental to full-fledged introduction
(Business prospects)

Sharp Corporation
Breakthrough by verticalization in synergy with LCDs
Start of verticalized business of white LEDs from wafers
- chip production volume to one third of in-house purchase volume
(Business performance)
Applications increased by new high-color-rendering LED lighting device “Miniature Zenigata”
(Outline of products for lighting application)
【Table - Outline and appearance of recently released typical white LED models for lighting application】
Development of LED lighting solution with high-color-rendering device in a narrow chromaticity range
(Strengths in lighting business)
Great strengths in synergy with the LCD business
- strategic use of volume effects
(LED business strategy)

Showa Denko K.K.
Highest chip performance and production capacity increased to 170%
Superior chip crystallinity achieved by hybrid PPD is undergoing
high level evolution
(Trend of products)
【Figure - Comparison of crystallinity achievable by hybrid PPD and by typical MOCVD】
【Figure - GaN crystallinity achieved by hybrid PPD by year】
Production volume of blue LED chips increased to 170%- further production increase planned in response to market demands
(Production capacity)
【Table - Progress of blue LED production capacity increase】
Best performance with brushed up reliability and high temperature properties
(Future prospects)

Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.
Optical expert in both fields of LED packages and lighting products
Steady increase of white LEDs for backlighting and general lighting
(Business and sales performances)
【Figure - LED sales by year】
【Figure - Breakdown of sales by application (on a sales amount basis)】
Lighting business projects extensively all along the line to end products
in multiple applications besides power LEDs
(Lighting business status)
【Table - Outline of SCW16 3US series white LED for lighting application】
Advanced “optical” technology applied to lighting
(Future prospects)

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Vertical business model of polymer OLED business from materials - focus on both display and lighting applications
Steady steps toward establishment of a polymer OLED development regime
through acquisition of CDT and establishment of Device Development Center
(Background of business and situations in recent years)
【Table - History of polymer LED developments】
Chemical compound manufacturer oriented to extensive OLED business
to downstream processes
(Business prospects)

Seiwa Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Preemptive success in verticalized business model of LED lighting - stepping into a growing phase with doubled chip production capacity and expanded variation of fixture products
Use applications of LED packages shifted to lighting
and automotive onboard applications requiring high reliability
(Business and sales performances)
【Figure - LED sales by year (year ending March 31, 2004 through 2011 forecast)Figure - Breakdown of LED sales by product】
Seiwa Electric’s new GaN chip plant under construction - production capacity doubled upon start of operation of new plant in January 2011
(Production systems)
【Figure - Outline of production site (chip production capacity)】
Various production lineups of high-color-rendering series
such as red-chip-added white packages
(Milestone products)
【Figure - Comparison of emission spectrum of high-color-rendering white】
Flexible business regime compatible with any needs
ranging from upstream to downstream products
(Business prospects)

Start of sales and promising outlook for OLED panels for lighting application - moving ahead to earlier start of mass production with a focus on the emphasized field in spite of concerns of recently suspended business
Specialized in white OLED since incorporation
- shifted to lighting application in 2009
(Business background)
Tandem facilities installed for incoming start of mass production
- ongoing improvements of characteristics
(Situations in recent years)
【Table - Outline of second-phase facilities】
【Table - Improvement plan for key product properties (thickness, luminance and half-life)】
Flood of inquiries about panels for lighting application
since start of receiving orders - full examination of all valuable information
to select potential customers
(Business prospects 1)
Constant production volume contributory to earlier panel price cut to one fifth
(Business prospects 2)

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
Start of releasing lighting fixture products boosted by large sales of chips & packages for laptop computers
Tripled sales of products for use in laptop computers
- the highest record of sales of optoelectronics products
(Sales performance)
【Figure - Sales of optoelectronic products by year】
【Figure - Breakdown of optoelectronic product sales by application by year】
Steady course to increase chip production with doubled production capacity
(Production performance and prospects)

Nichia Corporation
Further advancing in all aspects of product performance, pricing flexibility and production capacity
Healthy showing of shipping volume but standstill on an amount basis
(Sales performance)
【Figure - Total corporate sales by year】
【Figure - LED sales by year】
【Table - LED shipping volume by year】
Wide variety of high-performance product series with tactfully invested
100 billion yen in FY 2010
(Outline of products for lighting application)

Marubeni Metals Corporation/Novaled AG
Total solutions for OLEDs ranging from materials to demonstrative samples and technological transfer
High performance based on “Novaled PIN OLED Technology”
- a broad range of demonstrative samples
(Outline of business)
【Table - Novaled AG’s business coverage and fields】
【Figure - Illustrative view of Novaled PIN Technology】
【Table - Outline of Novaled AG’s OLED demonstrative panel series】
Novaled AG’s agent, Marubeni Metals with experiences in marketing Lumileds LED chips
(Future prospects)

Panasonic Semiconductor Opto Devices Co., Ltd.
Growing phase of developed market of “homoepitaxial GaN” white LEDs

Steady growth of white LEDs continuing
(Business and sales performances)
【Figure - LED sales by year】
【Figure - Sales by color and product type for the year ended March 31, 2010】
【Table - Outline of production sites】
“Homoepitaxial GaN” white LEDs taking off in camera flashlight application
- intended to increase applications
(Key products)
Fostering competitiveness of in-house chips for growing applications
- TV backlighting and lighting
(Highlighted applications and prospects)

Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.
Full throttle in all LED lighting business sectors
Release of LED base light with total efficiency of 104.6 lm/W superior to Hf fluorescent light
(Outline of noteworthy products)
【Figure - Appearance of LED base light straight type with total efficiency of 104.6 lm/W】
Product development concept “Triple Saving”
High-quality space design supported by LED product having luminous flux
equivalent to 60 W downlight per LED
(Development concept)
Responding to markets demanded pricing while offering trade-on solutions of both energy saving and comfort of living
Sales target of 100 billion yen through globalization based on triumph
in recent brushfire competitions
(Business goal)
【Figure - Target business size of LED lighting business】

Hitachi Zosen Corporation
New concept based on OLED manufacturing equipment for large substrates compatible with lighting applications
OLED manufacturing equipment based on vacuum technology
- planar evaporation source deposition introduced to offer various advantages
(Outline of products)
【Table - Key features of planar evaporation source deposition】
【Figure - Configuration of planar evaporation source】
Shift to G6 size by next spring based on NEDO project
(Situations in recent years)
One chamber capable of depositing multiple layers
- higher productivity with new concept matched with lighting panels
(Future prospects)
【Figure - New concept of planar evaporation source deposition】

Fujitec International Inc.
Business model of OLED “phosphorescent lamp” as part of a social system rather than sole OLED technology - qualified next-generation light source to offer equipment and systems with a high return on investment
Unique approach to OLEDs based on LEDs
(Outline and background of business)
Significance of OLEDs as a next-generation lighting = “phosphorescent lamp” business model as part of a social system
(Business concept)
【Figure - Structure of “phosphorescent lamp”】
Success with in-tube luminescence - next development of deposition across
the whole inner surface of a tube → reuse process
(Status of development)
【Table - Development of “phosphorescent lamp” (from past to future)】
【Figure - Luminescence of phosphorescent lamp】
Only successful OLED model in the future
(Future prospects)

Lumiotec Inc.
Steady steps toward full-fledged commercialization of OLEDs for lighting application - upcoming second version to offer “pro-model” for product assembly
Full-fledged business of lighting panels with MPE (multi photon emission)
(Background of business)
Start of shipment of sample kits of lighting panels manufactured with in-line deposition equipment with linear evaporation sources for mass production
(Situations in recent years - 1)
【Figure - Overview of in-line deposition equipment with linear evaporation sources for large substrates and illustration of transfer of substrates】
“Design sample kits” offered to precisely identify customers’ needs
- feedbacks reflected in the next version for incoming mass production
(Situations in recent years - 2)
【Table - Schedule and evolution of the second version of Lumiotec’s OLED lighting panel】
Drastic price cut upon future installation of a new production line
- secured business in some lighting applications
(Future prospects)
【Table - Outline of panel pricing and production lines from now to 2017】

Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
Evolving LUXEON series to break through all lighting applications
Fast-growing to double the sales for the year ending December 31, 2010
- a wave of inbound large orders for white LEDs
(Sales status)
【Figure - LED sales by year (from the year ended December 31, 2004 through the year ending December 31, 2010 (forecast))】
【Figure - Breakdown of LED sales by product type】
Production of LUXEON K2 terminated and integrated into LUXEON Rebel - further upgrade of LUXEON Rebel ES for increasing variation
(Key products)
Innovation for covering all lighting applications
(Strengths in the lighting field)

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Making a significant contribution to the right development of the solid state lighting on an international basis as well as for the United States
Developing a variety of activities in Solid State Lighting programs of the U.S., including taking the initiative to establish the standards, the basis of Energy Star
Having developed Color Quality Scale for optimum color quality evaluation that has been proposed to be an international standard, and owning the only spectrum simulation lighting facility in the world
Beginning other standardizations including development of high power LED measurement
Participating in the activities toward worldwide standardization from the initial stage


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